Zvi A Sesling Poetry

Poetry Workshops

Workshops consist of a maximum of three people in order for participants to gain the most from the experience. Each participant should bring a poem which will be critiqued by the group, rewritten by the poet and re-critiqued the following week before starting on the next poem.  All sessions take place on Monday evenings beginning at 7 p.m. and ending at 8:30 p.m.  

Please email me a poem that you will bring to the workshop.  Paste the poem into the body of the email.

The cost for these workshops is an affordable $75 for three 90 minute sessions, payable in advance through PayPal.


Online Editing, Revisions & Comments

Send your poem via email and I will help you get it in shape for publication.
The charge is only $10 per poem (up to three pages) (less than most magazine reading fees) for as much help as you need. Payment is in advance through PayPal.
If I determine you do not need help you will receive a $10 credit toward another poem.

Make your payment through PayPal.

Why only $10?  I feel strongly that help should not break the bank. Most poets do not have excessive funds to take courses, subscribe to or purchase magazines, mail out poems, etc.
The reading and help fee is minimal and covers my efforts.